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Sewage Treatment Vehicle Introduction


Product origin : China

Delivery time : 30 Days

Supply capacity : 500 sets/year

Multi-functional Sewage Treatment Truck is a multi-function truck with all these characteristics: dredging、sewage suction、 solid-liquid separation、 dehydration、Sewage water clarification&filtration、Residue drying&packing, and cleaning,mainly for the city Sewers, rainwater wells, sedimentation wells, ditches, residential area septic tanks, rural farms septic tanks and other sewage, sludge one-stop integrated treatment, sewage clarification filter can be recycled or direct discharge, the residue can be dried as organic fertilizer on site.

The truck is modified from Chinese Top Brand Dongfeng chassis,the working process as follows:

Sewage Treatment Vehicle Introductionimage001.jpg

It can also carry out the dredging、sewage suction、water spraying mission independently.

Sewage Treatment Vehicle Introductionimage003.jpg


1. Euro V emission standards DFL1250A13 chassis has the following advantages: energy efficiency, eco-friendly,high reliability,with excellent power and fuel economy, handling and stability.

2. Integrated design including dredging, suction, solid-liquid separation and dehydration, sewage clarification filtration, dry residue and packaging, cleaning and other functions.

3. Continuous operation enables the vehicle to pump, deal with and drain away sewage at the same time, the efficiency is doubled compare to traditional sewage truck.

4. Sewage can be used for urban greening or landscape water after clarification, or for the use of crops for irrigation; treated residue can be used as organic fertilizer recycling.

5.Solid-liquid separation dehydration using advanced Multi-Disk Screw Press technology, concentration and dehydration integration, highly efficient dehydration.

6. High-pressure pumps, dredge pipes, dredge nozzles and other components are imported.

7. Specific design brings extra power, which saves the auxiliary engine.

8. Independent intellectual property rights, three invention patents and three utility model patents.

Sewage Treatment Vehicle Introductionimage004.jpg

Equipped with dredging pipe and nozzle

Sewage Treatment Vehicle Introductionimage006.jpg

Adapted advanced Multi-Disk Screw Press technology,high efficient concentrating& dehydrating.

Sewage Treatment Vehicle Introductionimage008.jpg

Equipped with generator&imported water pump,improve the efficiency


Equipped with spraying gun


PLC unit

Technical Parameters:

Technical Data


Chassis Model


Engine Model/PowerkW

ISD245 50/180



Emission Standard


Low Pressure Water Pump Model


Carriage Caapacity(m³)


Cleaning Widthm


Watering Widthm


Water Gun Rangesm


Dimensions ( L×W×H)mm




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