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Multi-functional Anti-Dust Truck


Product origin : China

Delivery time : 30 Days

Supply capacity : 500 sets/year

MQF5160TDYD5 Multi-functional Anti-Dust Truck is a sanitation multi-functional anti-dust truck,characterized with dust-fall,dust-suppression, high pressure cleaning, watering and other functions, matched with Chinese well-known brand DongFengchassis for safe and reliable operation.

It is mainly used for haze governing, dust removing,dust falling, summer cooling in city streets. Meanwhile,it can be used for dust suppression in industrial and mining enterprises and sterilizationspraying in public greening garden, etc.

Detailed Functions:

1、By using truck-mounted 380V three generator,MQF5160TDYD5anti-dust trucks supply the power with automatic voltage regulator, which could automatically adjust the output voltage of high voltage motor, without the artificial regulation.

2、Its generator power cover adopts effective sound insulation and noise reductions, which can lower working noise.

3、Using more efficient spray fan with higher power and frequency conversion start, specialized with stronger structure, largerwind volume and wind-supply,smallatomized particles, wider spray cover area.

4、Sprayer controller has two patterns: Manual control and Remote control, it canbe operated by indoor touch-screen control at the same time.

5、Sprayer can be rotated 90 degrees to left or to right by motor. It can control 10 degrees to 45 degree angle adjustment by the hydraulic oil cylinder ,accurately and effectively.

6、Sprayer is equipped with an emergency stop button,to keep safe and reliableoperation .

7、Equipped with low pressure water system ,characterized with front-watering, hedged heavy flowing, low pressure rear-spraying and auxiliary fire water cannons.

8、The low pressure water system adopts double stage centrifugal pump, self-priming chassis for transmission, using pneumatic control, safe and reliable.

9、Equipped with independent high pressure water system, with automatic reel and high pressure manual spray gun, which can be used for vehicle self cleaning and road cleaning as well.

10、The anti-dust truck is characterized with smaller equipment volume and lower gravity under the same range, it can ensure the safety driving.

11、The high pressure water system, water dust equipment and water tank of MQF5160TDYD5 anti-dust trucks are made of stainless steel.

12、The truck uses imported spraying head with longer lifespan.


High-efficient fog gun with and low-energy consumption can be turned up & down and left &right.


The platform is equipped with water cannons, which can adjust into column and mist mode.


Front spray in low-pressure and mist mode.


Low-pressure and large-flow hedging in both right & left sides. 

Technical Data MQF5160TDYD5
Chassis Model DFL1160BX1V
Chassis PowerKW ISD210-50/155
Emission Standard National   Standard V
Dimension L*W*Hmm 8960×2500×2950
Wheel Basem 5000
Water Tank Capacity 8
Model Diesel Generator PowerKW YCW-94T5/75
Disel Generator Voltage RatingV 400
Generator Disel Engine Emission Standards National   Standard III
Spray Model No. AOTU-85
Horizontal Maximum RangeM 85
Horizontal Spraying Rotation Angle° ≥±90
Sprayer Yaw Angle° -10-45°
Sprayer Continuous Working TimeH 1-2
Dust Falling WorkingNoisedB(A) ≤95
SprayingWorking Speedkm/h 5-20
Washing Widthm ≥24
Spraying Widthm ≥14
High Pressure Water Gun SprayingRangem ≥30

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