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Fully-automatic Block Moulding Line With Curing Rack


Product origin : China

Delivery time : 30 Days

Supply capacity : 500 sets/year

1.Concrete Mixing Station:It consists of cement silo (fly ash bin), automatic batching machine, dual horizontal shafts forced concrete mixer, cement scale and screw conveyor. It can batch and mix several kinds of aggregates automatically in accordance with the concrete ration set by the users beforehand. It will convey the material to block making machine through the conveyer.


(1) The automatic batching machine can weigh on two to four kinds of aggregates. Various models are available for users to choose from.

(2) The cement in the cement silo will be conveyed to cement scale for weighing through the screw conv- eyor after it reaches the mixer, which not only controls the cement content accurately but also imp- roves the quality of products. It will reduce working environmental pollution as well.

(3) Color mixing system includes PL800 Batching Machine, JQM500 Mixer (with lifting system), pigment conveyor belt. Pigment will be automatically batched and mixed.

(4) The mixing station is controlled by independent PLC system. It is easy to operate and works reliably.

2.Forming System:It is made up of model QFT10-15 block making machine and automatic color feeding system. The forming system is technologic equipment integrating mechanism,hydraulic pressure and computer automatic control, featuring high working efficiency,reasonable design,compact structure, easy operation and convenient maintenance.

3. Transition Cart:After curing, the curing rack will take out the cured block from the kiln car and the empty car will transfer to the transition cart. As the transition cart comes in front of the setting machine, it will push the empty kiln car to the setting machine.

4. Setting Machine:Place the green blocks with pallets that formed by the block making machine one layer after another on the kiln car. Then, the automatic pushing device in the transition cart will push another empty kiln car to the setting machine and transfer the previous kiln car (with green blocks) outside the setting machine as well.

5. Ramp Car:Push the kiln car which loads green blocks to the ramp car with detent-type pawl. The ramp car will push the kiln car (with green blocks) to the curing room when it advances outside the curing room. The ramp car returns to the original position and transfer another kiln car to the curing room. After full loading, the ramp car will repeat the operation.

6. Curing Room:The curing room is designed to cure the green blocks. The door of curing room opens as the green blocks are cured. The ramp car will push the kiln car (with green blocks) to the said curing room and its first kiln car (with cured blocks) will draw out of the curing room. Pick up the cured blocks and send the empty kiln car to the transition cart for the next operation circle.

1 Aggregate Batching Machine 2 Aggregate Mixer 3 Cement Scale 4 Cement Silo 5 Block Making Machine 6 Pigment Batching Machine

7 Pigment Mixer 8 Stacker 9 Control Room 10 Ferry Cart 11 Transition Cart 12 Kiln Cart 13 Curing Room 14 Pipeline for Steam 15 Kiln Door


  Base Line with Curing Room
1Cement     Scale
2Screw     Conveyorφ219X5m
3Automatic     Batching MachinePL1200-III
4Concrete     MixerJS750
5Block     Making Machine
6Hydraulic     Unit
7Pallet     Feeder
8Blocks     Conveyor
10Conveyor     Belt
13Clin   Car
14Ramp   Car
15Transition     Car

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